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Armor sketch

Work In Progress / 05 March 2020

Since I don't have much time to work on personal stuff at the moment, I've been sketching this out in my lunchbreaks.

All of it is still in Zbrush, so have some work to do on this before it's going to be done, but I quite like where it's going.

Rendered in Zbrush with post in Photoshop

Keanu Reeves - John Wick

Work In Progress / 01 January 2020

Something I have been working on in my free time.

Currently working on the hair, which needs a lot of work until I will call that done, but since it's the first haircut I'm doing, I'm learning a lot as I go, and its a lot of fun so far.

Aiming to make a full John Wick in the end, but for now, I'm focussing on finishing the bust first.


CGMA - Hard Surface Modeling for Characters

Work In Progress / 14 June 2019

I recently finished the Hard Surface Modeling for Characters over at CGMA, with lectures by the awesome Ben Erdt :  and hosted by the amazing Laura Gallagher : 

IT was a lot of fun, and learned a lot, so for anyone interested in learning more about sculpting Hard Surface in Zbrush and then take them to the next level, I can't recommend it enough!

Even though I am currently in the middle of retopologizing I did want to post a small WIP shot of my current progress.

The orignal concept was drawn by Ben Erdt.

Zbrush sculpt, rendered in keyshot.


Current WIP of the Game Res model, textures and materials far from final.

Cyborg - Shader Creation

Work In Progress / 11 September 2018

Retopologized all the Marvelous assets on this guy today and did a first detail pass on the cloth.

Also did a first test render with proper shaders and lighting to get a feel for how it might end up looking in Max and Vray.
All of it is still very WIP, with not all cloth parts in this render.

Will be adding more color variation to the armor (lights and decals etc.)to break the surface up a bit.
Also planning on make the fabric a bit more dirty as it is totally clean at the moment.

Armor parts so far have no UV's and is build with procedural shaders, might UV him, not sure yet.

Cyborg character update

Work In Progress / 07 September 2018

Busy with work, but managed to pretty much get done retopologizing all the armor parts on this guy, so took him in to Marvelous to do a quick first pass on the clothing, lots of work still to be done on that part.
Did a quick export to Zbrush to do a BPR render and some quick compositing in Photoshop to get a feel for the guy, pretty happy with how he is looking so far, will retopo the head hands and boots over the weekend (hopefully)

Cyborg character block-out

Work In Progress / 27 August 2018

Just finished up a rough block-out for a cyborg-like character.
Block-out was completely done in Zbrush, but will be retopologizing every single part in 3dsmax or Maya, and redoing the cloth parts in Marvelous to get the best results

Face is based off of Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester in Supernatural),  but wasn't going for any sort of perfect likeness.

Already retopologized some parts in 3ds Max and did a quick render to see how it would look with some proper reflections and (not final) shaders.

Denaun Porter - Likeness sculpt

Work In Progress / 08 July 2018

Another one of my head studies.
This time based on the likeness of Denaun Porter (also known as Kon Artis), mostly known from the rap group D12, also as a producer for several songs for Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.

So far all of it is done in Zbrush, with a little post work done in Photoshop, just compositing several Zbrush renders and a little contrast adjustments.

Will be taking this further to a full character as I'm pretty happy with how he came out so far.

The t-shirt is just a quick extract right now, so no time spent on that at all, just a place-holder.

Batmobile - new render

General / 23 June 2018

Did a new render of this scene for fun.
Figured I'd post it as a blog post, not worthy of a whole new gallery entry.

Been working on some new stuff but not much to show yet :)

New head practice and Tom Holland - Update

Work In Progress / 06 June 2018

Started a new headsculpt the other day, this time using one of my childhood heroes as reference, Mark Hamill.
Took 2 hours so far, but will definitely come back to him as I pretty pleased with how he came out already, so want to do a full game res character now.

Also did a rough first pass on a body for my Tom Holland head, dynameshed the head and body together and zremeshed it.

Was nice to do a body from nothing again, been a while as I mostly use basemeshes for a body, so great practice!
Definitely needs a lot more work to define shapes and make it look more realistic.

Might go into Marvelous to give him a quick outfit aswell, should be fun.

Tom Holland speedsculpt

Work In Progress / 03 June 2018

Quick likeness study of Tom Holland, done in about 2 hours to get back in to likeness sculpting after not having used Zbrush for a while.